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Plastic Pallet Covers are used to cover products and shipments housed in Gaylord and on pallets in warehouse and industrial environments as well as on construction sites. Flexible, moisture and crack-resistant, these covers will protect finished product that is stored or packaged in Gaylords or Tote Bins from outside elements that could cause product contamination. Another purpose for the covers is to prevent pallet loads from shifting and toppling over. This helps to reduce damaged shipments. These versatile covers are additionally used to reduce packaging and shipping costs due to their lighter weight.
Additionally black pallet covers provide excellent protection outdoors to protect stored items from sun fade and to conceal pallet contents thereby reducing theft. These covers also protect contents stored outdoors from the damaging effects of harsh weather as well as during transit. Pallet covers are designed to fit over a Gaylord or tote bin or around products and goods stored on pallets and similar containers. The covers can be placed over the container as well as used for shrink applications where the poly film is heat- shrunken over a container for a tight fit.
Liners and Covers pallet covers are manufactured using FDA approved resins and have many industrial bulk processed applications. They are used widely in the covering of products containing:
Cooking supplies: oils, herbs, fats, bulk
ingredients, spices
Powdered products

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