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Poly Gaylord liners and tote bin liners are used to protect raw materials from a container that might be harmful to the product being processed, stored, or transported. Gaylord liners fit inside corrugated boxes, metal bins, fiberglass containers and plastic containers. These lines are designed to cover the bottom and the sides of the box in heavy duty, protective, polyethylene plastic.

The term Gaylord refers to a triple-wall corrugated pallet box. This was the first bulk bin and was designed and manufactured by the Gaylord Container Company of St. Louis, MO, for many decades. The company was bought out in the 1950s but it had by then had lent its name indelibly to these durable containers. Liners and Covers manufactures and sells Gaylord lines not only to fit these bulk bins, but for every bin lining requirement our customers may request.

Poly Gaylord liners are manufactured using Prime Virgin FDA resins and have many industrial bulk processed applications. They are used widely in the packaging of:



Pharmaceutical products

Powdered products


Metal particles





…and many others

Our low density poly Gaylord liners are available in many thicknesses and in various sizes for use in a wide variety of applications. For your convenience, Gaylord box liners are shipped conveniently stored on neat, perforated, easy-to-dispense rolls.

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