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Antistat drum dust covers provide a solution when drum storage options are limited. Storing drums outside is less expensive than warehousing if drum contents are protected, especially from the elements. For drums stored inside unstacked, round antistat drum and dust covers guard your drum, pail and container contents against ignition, destructive cross-contamination, and evaporation.

These drum dust covers are made from low density polyethylene with an antistat additive. Not only will these round drum and dust covers dissipate and reduce static charge and static build-up, but they are economical as well. Antistat drum dust covers are essential to store or warehouse flammable materials safely. These covers will repel dirt, dust, moisture, grease and other outside elements, while also reducing amount of dry powders and chemicals that normally cling to static surfaces.

A Poly Bag for Every Commercial Application
Liners and Covers’ antistat poly elastic drum and dust covers have hundreds of commercial applications and are especially popular in the food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

Our round antistat drum and dust covers feature an elastic band that stretches to fit snugly over the mouth of the drum or pail. By protecting your product from harmful elements and leakage, you facilitate cleanup, reduce loss of product and save money. Round antistat drum and dust covers are available from Liners and Covers’ in many sizes and diameters. We also offer dust drum covers. All of our antistat drum and dust covers meet FDA requirements.

All of our antistat drum and dust covers meet FDA requirements.

To start shopping for round antistat drum and dust covers, please click on the categories below. Have a question or can’t find the product you need? Email us or call us toll free at 1 (888) 354-8990. Our knowledgeable customer service representatives can answer all of your questions and help find the drum and dust cover that meets your specific application.

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