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Measurement Methods for our Plastic Bags, Plastic Poly Bags and Dust / Drum Covers

Flat Plastic Poly Bags

Each flag poly bag has three dimensions:

1. Measure the width across the opening.

2. The length from the poly bag's opening to the bottom of the bag.

3. Gauge is the third figure in a poly bag's dimensions. It is a measure of the Mil Thickness (I.E. 1.5 Mil, 2.0 Mil, 3.0 Mil, 4.0 Mil)

Side Gusset Bags

A Gusset bag has a pleated shape on either side of the bag. The gusset is considered the depth of the bag.

Example: 10" x 8" x 24"

(W) Width = 10"

(D) Depth = 4" x 2" = 8"

(L) Length = 24"

Our flat poly bags have three dimensions: the measurement of the width across the opening, the length from the plastic bag’s opening to the bottom of the bag and the gauge (i.e. its Mil thickness of 1.5, 2.0 etc.)

Our side gusset bags have a pleated shape on either side. The gusset is considered to be the poly bag’s depth. Width, depth and length make up a side gusset bag’s measurements.

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