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Chemical Packaging

Chemical Industry Packaging

Choosing the right type of packaging for your chemicals is essential. You need durable packaging that can withstand harsh treatment of your chemicals. At Liners and Covers you’ll find a large selection of high-quality chemical industry packaging solutions at great value prices. Our chemical packaging products are just right for the proper packaging, transport, and storage of many types of chemical products like:













...and others

See for yourself why companies like Kodak, 3M, Alcoa, and PPG Industries choose Bags and Covers for their chemical industry packaging needs. Not only do our bags and covers make disposing of chemicals easy, but transporting and storing them now has also never been safer. Because of the durability of our liners and covers, chemicals are unable to leak out and cause damage.

Here are some liners and covers that are perfect for chemical packaging:

Antistat Drum Covers

These covers are made of high or low density polyethylene with an antistat additive. The dust covers reduce static build up and also protect the chemicals from any outside elements.

Plastic Gaylord Bags

These low density bags can fit inside all containers and can cover the bottom and sides of any box using heavy duty polyethylene plastic.

Round Bottom Drum and Pail Bags

RRound Bottom Drum and Pail Bags can handle any type of chemical packaging that you may need. No matter if its adhesives, paints, solvents, or sealants, these round bottom drum Bags will make sure that any chemicals are packaged safely.

Have a question or can’t find the product you need? Email us or call us toll free at 1 (888) 354-8990. Our knowledgeable customer service representatives can answer all of your questions and help you find the pharmaceutical packaging or medical packaging that meets your specific application. Please contact us here for more information.

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